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What would you describe as the Best Home Security System? 

For me, personally, the best home security system is the one that fulfils all the requirements YOU decide on, which is important to protect you and your family's safety.

This may mean that what is the best for one family, may not necessarily be the best for the next family. BUT that is OK, as long as it is the BEST for YOU!

So on this page I am not going to review all the security equipment in order to decide which specific security system is the best, but I will again go through all the requirements and important aspects of a security system so that you can decide which security system is best for your home.

So lets start again from the beginning.....

You should always have an outside to inside approach when you think of securing your home. Think of the layers of protection I mentioned on my home security page, where you are the last line of defence and not the first.

Remember the following.....

  • Secure your boundaries,
  • Make it difficult for the intruder to approach your home without detection, and
  • Secure the inside of your home.

You can never secure your home with:

  • only cameras, or
  • only an alarm, or
  • only motion sensors, or
  • only security lighting. 

It takes a combination of all these products and then some, to get to the best home security system for your requirement.

If you install a home security system that fulfils all the important requirements for your home, it will improve the value of your home tremendously, as home security is one of the most important aspects people consider when they are looking to buy a new home.

The Approach.....

Your best home security system will always protect the following three distinct "layers" of your home:

  • The boundaries which include the fences and/or perimeter walls,
  • The surveillance between the boundary and the home (I also include here the security lighting for night time surveillance),
  • The security of the inside of your home.

The first thing you should do is to make sure, and this is very important, that the intruders are detected immediately they enter your property and they should know that you know that they are detected.

When planning your overall home security system, it does not help to spend all your time, energy and money on an alarm system that detects the intruders once they are inside the house, because that is much too late.

Now this approach may seem obvious, but many people still think that once they have fitted an alarm, they are safe. Please don't make the same mistake.

Protect your boundaries and fit an "eagle's eye".....

The two most effective ways to secure your boundaries are to:

The added advantage of perimeter surveillance is that this system can be switched on independently from the other systems (like the alarm system or the motion detectors in the garden), without interfering with your normal movements.

It means that if an intruder should attempt to enter your property while you are home, he or she will be detected immediately and whoever is at home will have ample forewarning

Light the outside area and fit motion detectors.....

If intruders do breach your perimeter, it is very important that you make it as difficult as possible for them to approach your home undetected. The security cameras are invaluable here, but I always advise people to do ate least the following as well:

Secure the inside of your home.....

The inside of your home you want to protect at all cost. This is your private domain and no-one should be able to invade this family-only space. The following are some very effective ways to do just that:

  • Fit a home alarm,
  • Fit strong security gates at all outside doors, and
  • Fit burglar bars,
  • Fit a secure safe for all your valuables.

By implementing the above well researched and effective ways of securing your home, you will be assured to have the best home security system for your specific requirement and this will give you peace of mind when you think of your family's safety.

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