Rustic Kitchen Design...
Rustic charm for a natural look

Rustic Kitchen Design..... whenever I ask people how they visualise their new rustic kitchen, I get a different answer from each person.

No-one comes up with the same idea and that is the beauty of this type of kitchen design. The possibilities are endless....

I grew up in the bush veld of South Africa and for me, whenever someone mentions the word rustic, I think....

  • charming,
  • simple,
  • unsophisticated,
  • beautiful,
  • welcoming.....
rustic kitchen with rich colours, earthy textures and natural finishes like granite, and copper to bring balance

I see a kitchen with beautiful wooden cabinets, floors to die for, earthy colours blended into each other and modern appliances added to the mix for everyday comforts.

I am an outdoors person, so I have always preferred rustic designs and the use of warm earthy colours and textures to create that special charming effect. I want to walk into my kitchen and I want to almost smell and taste the bush veld odours after those first season rains.

Nothing compares to that..... but before I get too lyrical about the beautiful African landscapes and smells, lets focus rather on designing that perfect rustic kitchen you want so much....

Although Africa may not be best known for its fine architecture, it is very well known for its ruggedness and beautiful landscapes. This is what inspires the selection of materials used in most African rustic kitchen designs.

The most important things to remember when you design your new rustic kitchen is beauty, warmth and simplicity.

The whole idea is to create something that reminds you of the outdoors.

By combining the wood with rich colours, earthy textures and natural finishes like granite, tile, and copper to bring balance, will ensure that your new rustic kitchen design will be a place where family and friends will want to gravitate too.

When planning and designing a rustic kitchen, there are certain features and aspects that I personally feel MUST be present. They are:

Exposed Beams.....

Any rustic kitchen without exposed beams for me lacks a little bit of character. Don't misunderstand me, I do not say ALL rustic kitchen designs should include exposed beams. It has a lot to do with the rest of your homes look and feel as well.

It is just that for me, exposed beams add that additional ruggedness that gives each kitchen that unique appeal. That makes it stand out from every other kitchen design.

stunning exposed beams

In this kitchen you can see what I mean. The effect is stunning, strong, almost overpowering, and if it wasn't for the large space and the owners massive personality, I doubt that they would have been able to pull it off.

But if your kitchen doesn't have exposed beams, you can always go for the "fake look". One can buy almost anything these days, and prefabricated support beams are one of them. These beams look very real, but they are not created to be load-bearing.

I suggest you do some research and find some light beams made from reclaimed wood. They are not difficult to install, but I suggest that you get a professional handyman or craftsman to do the installation if your DIY skills doesn't stretch that I did! 

Natural Light.....

The whole idea behind your rustic kitchen design is that you want to feel like you are outside in mother nature, so it is very important that you think hard and long about how you will get the most natural light into the kitchen.

very rustic with lots of natural light

If you look at this kitchen, you cannot but feel close to mother nature. There is a tree in the kitchen for goodness sake.....

The designer made an excellent choice with those two oversized windows, which allow as much natural light into this kitchen as possible.

She compliments the natural light at night with recessed fixtures for that soft, warm glow.

Lighting, both natural and artificial, is the single most transforming element in a kitchen, and so much more in a rustic kitchen with its darker colours and earthy textures.

The windows should sit high enough to bounce light off the ceilings and then also stretch down close to the countertop level for task lighting. 

Bay windows can also add a wonderful feel to a kitchen and they allow more light in because of their design and layout.

Natural Colours and Materials..... for a rustic kitchen design

In a functional room like a kitchen we often neglect the more subtle aspects of decoration that finishes and textures offer. In your rustic kitchen design however, they play a vital role in making the room feel just right.

By placing different textures side by side, they contrast each other and bring out the beauty of each.

  • Handmade terracotta tiles are hard-wearing and easy to clean.
  • Hardwood cabinets add beauty and warmth.
  • Marble counter tops - there is something about combining wood, the beautiful tile colours on the walls and the cold and smooth feel of marble that is both calming and comforting.

Just look at the kitchen below. The wall tiles give the effect of being haphazardly thrown together. It is not only functional, but also adds glamour and style to this kitchen.

This inspired rustic kitchen design will enhance the beauty and value of any home anywhere in the world.

Rustic kitchen design lends itself to eating and cooking together as friends and family.

I just love the feel of the old-world charm that a rustic kitchen creates.

It truly makes me think back to my childhood days with my Nonna in that big old kitchen with the AGA stove and the smell of coffee from early in the mornings till after dark at night.

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