Custom Kitchen Designs.....
Creating your own custom kitchen is a fine art

Custom Kitchen Designs..... for me every kitchen is a custom-designed kitchen! No kitchen is the same or can be the same as the next one.

We are all individuals with individual tastes.

We all have different requirements, so even if we love a specific kitchen design and style, the kitchen we create will be a custom-designed solution for our own very specific needs and requirements.

This is what provides us as home-owners the flexibility to have a custom kitchen solution based on tried and tested concepts. We can tailor our needs to find that balance.

The balance:

  • between what we really want,
  • what we can afford, and 
  • what we can achieve with the space we have available.

Keeping that in mind, the modern kitchen has become a space that is not only functional in layout and design, but also beautiful. We as home owners want to add real value to our homes, so the kitchen of today must make a visual impression, while also showing the creativity and character of us, the owners.

Although the trend in kitchen design is towards open-plan living, many of us do not have the luxury of space or the budget to allow for that, so below you will find all sorts of custom kitchen design elements that will suit any style, budget and mood.

Be realistic when you decide on your new custom kitchen design. 

Highly stylised kitchens can cost an arm and a leg. Know beforehand that most of the budget will be eaten by cabinetry and specialised storage components. That is OK if that is what you want, but you may then have to scale down on other components. Work with what you can afford, and be happy to move on.

The number of items you own or want in your kitchen will largely determine your custom kitchen design. 

Once you have decided on the layout, and whether you can include a kitchen island or not, you will see how easy it is to custom-design your own kitchen that will suit your needs to a tee regarding flooring, tiles, counter tops, lighting and cabinetry.

I promise you, you too can have the kitchen of your dreams.

Custom Kitchen Designs..... work with what's worked for others

Examine the following pages, and focus on the layout and various design elements that appeal to you.

What I like to do, is to pick and choose design elements from different styles and themes, and then add my own unique identity to the kitchen. 

Kitchen Island Design.....

When you decide on your kitchen island design, remember that just as the kitchen is the centre of your home, the kitchen island you will eventually install, is going to form the centre of your kitchen.

That is why it is so important to take your time to plan and really think about which kitchen island design concepts will work for you in your kitchen.

This will not only contribute such a lot to how your kitchen functions, but it will add tremendous value to your home; a well thought out and custom kitchen is one of the most sought after features in a home when prospective buyers start looking.

A kitchen island can handle a multitude of tasks if one designs it for versatility and convenience.....

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 Kitchen Lighting Design.....

As the kitchen is the hub of your home, your kitchen lighting design is extremely important and once implemented, the kitchen lights must provide adequate and functional lighting in all the areas where you will need it.

The kitchen is the central gathering point where family and friends meet. Therefore your kitchen lighting should be versatile, yet functional.

  • It should provide adequate lighting to perform all the daily functions, yet
  • it should create the atmosphere you want when the family is having a meal, as well as
  • creating the right atmosphere for when you are entertaining.

Selecting the correct kitchen lighting is a relatively simple process, but it is so important to plan your kitchen lighting design well, as the right type of lighting will transform the way you use your kitchen.

Your kitchen lighting absolutely must contribute to make the daily activities in there a pleasurable event for everyone.....

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Kitchen Cabinet Design.....

Your kitchen cabinets design will have a telling impact on your custom kitchen design. Just as your kitchen island is the centre of the kitchen, so are your cabinets the backbone of your kitchen.

Well, however it may be; your decision on the kitchen cabinets will set the style for your kitchen and the layout of the cabinets as part of your floor plan, will determine the traffic flow.

Your kitchen cabinets take up a large amount of space within your kitchen and contribute to the single biggest expense when you refit your kitchen.

Therefore you should take your time and spend a lot of effort on this aspect of your kitchen design.....

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Kitchen Tile Design.....

When kitchen tiles, furnishings and personal taste comes together, you can create beautiful tile designs in your kitchen, whether on the floor, the wall or as a back splash.

Quality and style should be your only priority when you research ideas for kitchen tile designs.

Depending on your personal taste, combining textures with different colours (whether bright or more subdued, earthy shades) from the floor to the wall, is definitely a way to create kitchen tile design ideas with a contrast.

Apart from being practical, they also play a huge aesthetic role. They provide colour, pattern and texture.

As the tiles you choose will be living with you for a long time, make sure you select wisely.....

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Kitchen Floor Design.....

When it comes to interior kitchen design, the floor is one of the most visible elements in a kitchen, so make sure it has the impact you desire.

No matter what type of floor you install, choose your colours, patterns and textures carefully as what you choose as the final look, can make all the difference in the perception of space.

When well chosen, the kitchen floor can serve as abold, eye-catching design statement.

The kitchen floor is usually the largest area in a kitchen; so your selection of material will make all the difference to the perception of space. 

Imagine a dark, dull floor in a small kitchen; It will make the room seem small, dark and dingy.

However, the same space with a white-painted wooden floor will look airy, light and appear bigger than it really is.....

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