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The patio ideas you will find here are all about giving you, the proud home owner, ideas to use so that you can incorporate your patio into your overall home design. By extending your living area to the outdoors, you make a great investment which will result in a functional, attractive patio to give you enjoyment for many years to come.

If you are a home lover like me, who loves to spend time outdoors and on the patio, then look no further. Here you will find....

Great Patio Ideas to Increase the Value of your Home!

A patio can be added to any home, and existing patios can be upgraded to meet your needs.

When you start to look for patio ideas to optimise your outdoor living space, it is important to consider your landscape design too. A patio is not a loose standing element, but an extension of your home, and must make the flow from indoors to outdoors natural. 

A beautifully designed patio defines your outdoor space and gives it character. The patio transforms your garden into a functional living area, and must complement your home.

By extending your living area with an outdoors patio, you make your home so much more spacious, and you can incorporate the same amenities on your patio as in any other room.

  • It can become an outdoor kitchen, or
  • you can soak in your Jacuzzi, or
  • just can chill and catch some sun rays.

There are no limits to what you can achieve with a patio. Whether you have a small back garden, a roof-top terrace, or an expansive outdoor space, I will give you proven patio ideas to meet your family's needs.

We all have diverse lifestyles, life in different climates, and have different tastes. Budget considerations vary from household to household, so use the patio ideas I share with you here, to make your home (and your patio) unique to you!

Patio Ideas - Evaluating your home

Any patio design will work on level terrain, but if you live against a slope, a patio can be something of a challenge. It will require grading so the patio surface will be flat. Installing retaining walls is an option, or you can split the patio into tiers.

As I said above, incorporate the existing features of not only your garden, but also the interior of your home into your design. Include trees that already exist into your design too. Build around them and make them features.

Use flower beds as borders, and if you have an existing fence, use it to make a private retreat.

If you are so lucky to have a swimming pool, it is almost essential to incorporate the patio with the pool's relaxation area.  

In terms of design and budget, a patio is a very good alternative to a deck, although, if space and budget allows for it, I will always try to use both in my landscape design as they have different purposes. A little deck somewhere in the corner of the garden can really be a great focal point to admire from your patio.

Patios are versatile, and you have a broad range of materials available to use for the construction. Unless it is elevated or against a slope, it does not normally require railings, and can tolerate much more water than a deck. The real advantage of a patio though is that once you have completed it, it needs almost no maintenance.

Patio Ideas for a functional, attractive outdoor area

When looking for new patio design ideas, it is important to find something that will fulfill your needs, as well as something that will ensure a natural flow from your home onto the patio; and from there into your garden and landscape. Your patio should be a natural blur of lines between indoors and outdoors.

It is important that you are involved in the process of implementing your patio idea.

Who best to decide on aesthetics, and on how you are going to use your patio, than yourself. Both decks and patios can be easily planned, designed and build by a do-it-yourself home enthusiast.

Just like a deck, a patio allows you to take full advantage of your outside area, while extending your overall living space. Patios are wonderful ways to enhance your outdoor living experience and landscape design, and can become a sophisticated outdoor room.

I have also seen some of the most amazing and wonderful rooftop respites in the centre of Cape Town. Imagine living in a penthouse with your rooftop patio overlooking Table Mountain to the one side and the Atlantic ocean to the other…… heaven on earth! Or even better yet, you can combine your patio and deck for stunning effects.

So, the decision is final! You are going to build a patio, so it is time to look into the more intimate details.

Patios are build from either:

and is constructed directly on the ground. I normally set it in a sand base with plastic underneath as it is quite easy to level whatever you are using and the plastic prevents any weeds from growing. You can also throw a concrete slab, which makes it obviously a lot more permanent, solid and level.

For casual backyard patios, you can use rock or pebbles contained by a solid edge. I often use pavers as part of my patio idea and then use stones in between the spaced pavers to create a wonderful effect. This also helps the rainwater to drain away without disturbing your patio.

A patio can be either attached to your house or it can be placed at a distance form your home. It can be used for a range of activities, like:

  • quiet relaxation,
  • reading,
  • entertainment and dining, or
  • a variety of other recreational activities.

Once you know what you want to use it for, then consider the following:

  • the site,
  • the style, and
  • the materials you are going to use, and
  • whether you want to enclose the patio or not.

You must also contemplate some of the following practical considerations:

  • Will you need steps, walls or a fence?
  • Will you need an overhead structure to provide shade?
  • Do you want to incorporate focal points, like water features or a fireplace?
  • Are you going to use it at night? If yes, then you will need lighting.

So, let’s look at some outdoor patio ideas to make your creative juices flow:

And if this was not enough, here are some more great patio ideas?

Feel free to leave me a comment below or share your latest patio design ideas with me.

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