Patio Water Feature.....
adds a tranquil quality to your patio

A patio water feature somewhere on our patio creates that hypnotic sound of running water that draws all forms of life, and especially a tired human being after a long day at the office, towards it like a candle does a moth. We all crave a space where we can sit and relax in a tranquil and serene atmosphere.

The comforting look and sound of running water creates a really peaceful atmosphere and are even more welcome if you don't stay close to a river or the sea.

Just a cautionary reminder. Water is essential to ALL forms of life.
If they don't get enough of it, they die.

PLEASE never ever waste water!

A water feature does not have to be expensive at all, although I have seen some magnificent, elaborate water features that will make any true landscaping artist and do it yourself enthusiast drool with envy!

Incorporating a simple, or for that matter an elaborate, water feature into your patio design is not that difficult at all. Like all worthwhile do it yourself projects, it takes some research and planning.

It is very rewarding to design a water feature that catches the eye and adds real value to your patio experience.

When you really, really have a tiny patio area, think vertically when you design your water feature too. Remember that the brain "creates" your perceptions and anything that draws the eyes skyward, like a tall water feature with water running down into a small pond at the bottom is always a winner, while it also creates the impression of a larger patio. 

The other very important aspect of a water feature on your patio is that it should be a focal point. It should draw the eye toward the area you want to highlight, so remember that you must take care when you plan and build your water feature.

Add a personal touch to it.....create some special effects that draw the eye!

Large patios gives you obviously many more options to explore when you plan your patio water feature. 

BUT remember.....always keep everything in harmony.

The most important aspects to remember when you are looking for that perfect location and when you are contemplating where to place your patio water feature:

Simple is always best!!

A water feature adds another dimension to your outside space. It brings that serene tranquility that you need after a long day at the office. So take care to make it perfect.

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