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With crime statistics increasing worldwide, my home security guide will show you some of the best ways to protect your family, while at the same time improving the value of your home.

Apart from the valuables lost when someone breaks and enter, the feeling of violation of your personal space and the loss of safety one experiences, must be avoided at all cost.

In these do it yourself home security advice pages, I will focus more on how to secure your home while you are in residence, than to just show you which alarm system to install.

It is fast becoming a preferred way for criminals to hit your home while you are there!

It is much easier when the residents are home, because:

  • the alarm system is not activated, and
  • you are at hand to give them the keys to the safe.

When you plan how to best secure your home, you must approach it step by step. The first thing you should do is to make sure, and this is very important, that the intruders are detected immediately they enter your property and that they know that you know they are detected.

That is the best and most effective deterrent ever!

I live and work in South Africa, and if you have ever been here, I think you will know that security is very high on our priority lists when it comes to home improvements.

The crime rate in SA is of the highest in the world. We have to be very vigilant and aware of things happening around us all the time. That was why I decided that I do not want to be worried when I am at home; my home security system had to be the best, but I also do not want to feel like I am living in a prison.

The views from my home in Cape Town is absolutely stunning and I planned long and hard before I finalised my security system, as I did not want to lose the feeling of space and freedom.

My best advice therefor is that you should have an outside to inside approach when you think of securing your home and your family. Think of it as having layers of protection with you as the last line of defense, and not the first.

Do your home security step-by-step over a period of time...

  • Secure your boundaries and/or perimeter walls,
  • Make it difficult for the intruder to approach your home without detection, and then only
  • Secure the inside of your home.

When planning your overall security, it does not help to spend all your time, energy and money on alarm systems that detect the intruders once they are inside the house, because that is much too late.

Now this approach may seem obvious, but I know of many families regretting the fact that they overlooked this basic fact. Unfortunately, for most of them it is too late, as they were already victims of crime.

Seeing that you are a proper do it yourself person and I assume you are, otherwise you will not be reading this, I know that budget will play a big role in the system that you are going to install. I had to search long and hard for affordable home security solutions and had to compare many systems or parts there of, as I did my research.

So, let's start to look at your own Do-It-Yourself-Home-Security system step by step........

Home Security..... your step by step guide

Step 1 - Secure your boundaries and perimeter walls

The two most effective ways to secure your perimeter walls are to:

Step 2 - Make it difficult for the intruder to approach your home

If intruders do breach your perimeter, it is very important to make it as difficult as possible for them to approach your home undetected. The cameras are invaluable here, but I always advise people to do ate least the following as well:

Step 3 - Secure the inside of your home

The inside of your home you want to protect at all cost. This is your private domain and no-one should be able to invade this family-only space. The following are some very effective ways to do just that:

  • Fit a home alarm,
  • Fit strong security gates at all outside doors, and
  • Fit burglar bars.

By implementing the above well researched and effective ways of securing your home, you will be assured to have peace of mind when you think of your family's safety for many years to come.

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