Covered Patio Designs.....
for an all-season outside entertainment area

Covered patio designs allows you to create that all-season patio area where one can entertain or relax all year round. We all just LOVE to entertain outdoors.

In a country like South Africa, with our beautiful landscapes and amazing weather, even more so..... it is a part of the South African lifestyle, just as it is in many other countries around the world.

Because of our rushed and hectic life's nowadays, we all tend to try and move towards a more holistic lifestyle. With the patio designs I will show you here, you can now create a multi-functional all-season patio.

It is an absolute MUST these days.

It allows you to furnish your outdoor patio area for all year entertainment, enjoyment and relaxation.

If you look at the photo below, you can see that patios are very versatile and you can really be creative with your enclosed patio designs.

The real advantage of a patio, yes, even an enclosed patio, is that once you have completed it, it needs almost no maintenance.

Covered Patio Designs..... integrate the design into your architecture

It is important to integrate your covered patio into the overall effect and style you want to create for your home. There must be a natural flow from your home onto your patio and from there onto your garden. It is not so important that you know how to build a patio, but what is important is that you are involved in the process and that you use your own patio ideas.

Who best to decide on aesthetics and on how you are going to use your patio, than yourself. Patios can be easily planned, designed and build by a do-it-yourself home improver and is a very satisfying experience.

An enclosed patio allows you to take full advantage of your outside areas, while extending your overall living space.

Enclosed patios are wonderful ways to enhance your outdoor living experience and landscape design and can become sophisticated indoor/outdoor rooms like courtyards; or like the photo above shows you, a luxury poolside entertainment haven where you can relax with your book and family.

Plants are an essential part of any patio, whether it is a narrow border of greenery or a blossoming oasis of flowers. They bring colour and fragrance to your covered outdoor space and this in turn attract butterflies and birds.

You can also make a vegetable or herb garden part of this patio space, and tending to this little garden will be an enjoyable experience.

A border is an easy way to separate the patio from the rest of the garden. Trees regularly spaced along the periphery define your patio border. Just remember that trees grow, and some grow BIG, so be careful where you plant them, otherwise you may close off your view in a few years time.

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