Trees for Landscaping.....
adds that special dimension to your garden

Trees for landscaping add that extra dimension that every garden needs.....

  • whether it is a small garden or a huge garden;
  • a garden in the desert or one on the beach,

it does not matter. A garden without trees is like a car without wheels. It just does not "function" the way it should; it defines your outdoor space.

Always "design" your trees for landscaping into your over-all landscaping plan.

Remember the following when you place and plant your trees, as trees change over the years; so you should visualise where you want your garden to be in five or ten years from now.....

  • height when mature,
  • the absolute size of the tree in years to come,
  • the amount of water it will require,
  • the type of soil in your garden.
beautiful desert landscape

Trees for landscaping..... add extra dimension to any garden

The picture of this palm tree I took in Maltehohe in Namibia; it is the hotel owners house. Just look at the stunning extra dimension it gives to the view here in the middle of the desert. The size creates a sense of scale against the far-off planes of the desert.

trees in the desert

My camera is always with me and the above picture I took of a tree in someones back garden in Namibia. Just look at the beauty it adds to this harsh background.

Who can think that in the desert; and the Namib is one of the driest places on earth; a tree can grow..... almost from nothing, with no help, no rain and no watering..... even flowers for colouring.

trees against the sunset

And then you see what the trees in this garden do to a sunset. My dearest sister owns a house in the bush veld in South Africa. And I still challenge anyone that can say that trees in a landscape environment and in a garden do not add something almost awe-inspiring to the views.

Trees are majestic and each tree has its own special place in the design of the bigger "landscape picture" of your garden.

There are so many different types to choose from, it is almost overwhelming. 

  • You may select a tree for the flowers and the smell,
  • Or maybe you love weeping trees,
  • Or trees with beautiful leaves and a beautiful outline,
  • Or you may even plant a tree just for the colour of the leaves in autumn.

Whatever the reason you decide on to choose the trees for landscaping, just remember it is important that you choose your trees:

  • for the right garden size,
  • the available water in your area, and
  • the size of the tree in the future,

as it always breaks my heart when people have to remove trees after some years because "it just got too big for our garden".

And another thing..... please remember that water is a very scarce and dwindling resource on our precious earth, so if you live in a place where there is not an abundance of water, please do not plant huge trees that use many, many litres of water each day to survive.

There are some wonderful ideas to use from nature when you choose your trees for landscaping.

So take your cue from the area you life in..... 

Look at indigenous trees growing in your area..... that is what you should plant and use to create a beautiful garden. I always encourage people to use indigenous plants in their garden.

Don't fight nature! Go with the flow.

And remember also that an established garden with beautiful, big trees adds immense value to your home.

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