Tuscan Kitchen Design...
Bring old-world charm into your modern kitchen

Tuscan Kitchen Design..... just the phrase calls up images of a kitchen decorating style inspired by the elements and beauty of nature.

Tuscany is known for its romance, beautiful landscapes and fine architecture. This is what inspires the selection of materials used in any Tuscan kitchen.

By using the earth's natural colours of dark brown, sunny yellow, deep blue, terra cotta and tuscan red the atmosphere in your kitchen will be romantic and welcoming.

You must include as much and as many different warm colours and textures as possible. The most important things to remember when you design your new kitchen is beauty, warmth and simplicity.

The whole idea is to create something that reminds you of the hills of Tuscany...

somewhere to relax from our hectic daily lives!

By combining the rich colours and rustic style of the Tuscan hills, your kitchen will be warm and inviting to family and friends.

In a functional room like a kitchen we often neglect the more subtle aspects of decoration that finishes and textures offer. In this kitchen however, they play a vital role in making the room feel just right.

By placing different textures side by side, they contrast each other and bring out the beauty of each.

  • A wooden floor add warmth and humanity.
  • Marble counter tops - there is something about combining wood, the rich tuscan colours on the walls and the cold and smooth feel of marble that is both calming and comforting.

Just look at this Tuscan kitchen back-splash below. Created from a selection of mosaic tiles to form this beautiful backdrop to your stove, thus not only being functional, but adding glamour and style to your kitchen.

Inspired Tuscan Kitchen Design.....

The Tuscan inspired design can enhance the look and feel of any kitchen and therefore any home. The rest of your home does not have to be in the Tuscan style. That is the beauty of Tuscany design. The design and decor will enhance the atmosphere and add to any style of home.

Fill the big open space in the middle of the kitchen with a rustic wooden table or use a kitchen island as shown in the picture below. The kitchen island is normally a dark wood, but can be painted white and given that antique look for authenticity.

Create the feel of even bigger spaces by using open cupboards or cabinet doors with glass. This way your Tuscan-inspired dinnerware is on display even when not in use.

Tuscan kitchen design lends itself for eating and cooking together as friends and family and therefor should provide enough room to move around while preparing those delicious family meals.

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