Patio Deck Plans...
finding the optimal location for your patio and deck

Patio deck plans are an important first step in determining the optimal location for your patio or deck. Patio and deck projects are limited by basically three factors:

  • your local building regulations,
  • available space, and
  • your budget.

What I will concentrate on in this page is the available space

The building regulations and budget will be covered in detail on some of the other pages of my do it yourself home site.

Decks and patios are all about using your outdoor space to the max. Look beyond the space around the house and consider space anywhere in your garden.

For smaller plots, consider building a raised deck. That way one can use the land underneath the deck for a water feature or even turn that space into a patio.

Incorporating an elaborate design in the deck or patio always gives the illusion of a larger space. When you really, really have a tiny area, think vertically. Remember that the brain "creates" your perceptions and anything that draws the eyes skyward, like a tall, skinny tree will also make the area seem larger. 

Large gardens gives you obviously many more options, but you still need to consider coordinated patio deck plans in order to use the space to the best of your advantage and for the best possible outcome.

Open spaces gives you the freedom to add other features to enhance the ambiance of your patio or deck, like:

  • a water feature,
  • a pond,
  • or a raised garden bed.

BUT always keep everything in harmony. Remember that simple is always best. Repeating like colours and materials tie your space together and create that perfect place for you and the family to relax. 

The most important aspects to remember when you are looking for that perfect location and when you are contemplating where to place your patio or deck, remember the following:

We all crave that special place outside where we can relax. An open area with fresh air to retreat to after a hectic day in the office.

Whether you are looking for a small private spot to do some sun-bathing, or to do some reading in solitude.

Or whether you are looking for a more elaborate space to entertain, the most important aspect to remember is that building a deck or a patio expands the footprint of your house; by embracing the outdoors, you not only enhance the value of your home, but also your own inner well-being. 

Decks and patios add another dimension to your home. By using the space available when you design and research your patio deck plans, remember that you start from a blank canvas. Regardless of the location, shape and size you choose for your deck or patio, you can design it to be in the open, hidden from view or anything in between.

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