Kitchen Bar Designs...
For warmth and lifestyle appeal

Kitchen Bar Designs..... For most people our kitchen is the centre of our home, and a well planned, well designed breakfast bar adds so much to the enjoyment of your time in the kitchen!

This is where everything happens..... From the daily family conversations to the major life decisions.

And what better place to do this than at the breakfast bar where the whole family can be seated together for hours at a time to discuss the important matters..... and to make that final decision.

Kitchen bar designs for comfortable mingling.....

A well designed and cleverly laid-out breakfast bar will give your kitchen warmth and lifestyle appeal..... which will add enormous value to your kitchen.

To encourage the family members to be present when Mom (or Dad) is preparing that delicious supper, choose chairs or bars-stools that are designed for comfort.

Tall bar chairs are really not comfortable when your feet are dangling without support.

See how these bar-stools on the right have little foot perches for that added comfort.

These low foot perches also make it easy to get onto and off of the seat.

A comfortable bar-stool also provides ample leg room while at the same time keeping diners close to the counter.

Bar-stools should also have a short back for support while dining or chatting, but be low enough to push under the counter when not in use.

Especially if you want to use your breakfast bar as a food preparation area too. It is annoying to prepare food when the chair backs are protruding above the counter top. You just can't get close enough to work properly.

This breakfast bar gives your visitors the best seats in the kitchen. The chairs are luxuriously comfortable and height adjustable to allow for that conversation to drag on and on over a glass of red wine (or two....or three....) while you prepare the meal.

When you plan your breakfast bar design, keep in mind that the most important factor is that it adds to the convenience and efficiency of your kitchen.

The purpose of your breakfast bar is to allow for your visitors, family and friends to chat to each other with ease, but also to act as an additional work-area or allows for space to stack need-to-clean dishes out of the way.

If you plan to add a kitchen island as part of your new kitchen, then incorporate your breakfast bar into your new kitchen island design.

A well thought out and practical kitchen island is one of the most sought after features in a home.

That is why it is so important to take your time to plan and really think about which kitchen island design will work for you in your kitchen, and then incorporate that perfect kitchen bar design into this.

This is a perfect example of a well thought out kitchen bar design. When seated at the breakfast bar, the focal point of the view is the window behind the washing up area.

It draws your eye to the light while at the same time everyone's attention is also drawn to the person behind the bar.

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