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Inspiration for wonderful outside areas!

I love landscaping and with the garden landscaping ideas on these pages, I hope you will find true inspiration.

I can completely loose myself in garden landscaping ideas. It is maybe the most satisfying and relaxing projects I ever start and it does not matter how many times I do one, I always find immense pleasure in doing it and I hope this will inspire you too. It does not matter whether it is a small garden or a front garden, these outside areas gives the atmosphere and type of family gathering places where we make many, many good memories.

And remember, if you ever want to sell your home, the way you implemented your garden landscaping ideas are the first impression the prospective buyers will get of what to expect from the rest of your home.

There are many ways to improve the value of your home, and on this site you will get to know them all, but for us the best, the easiest and certainly the most satisfying is with garden landscape design. This is where you can let your imagination run free and without lots of money you can create stunning areas.

First, let's see exactly what is meant by landscaping and how you can use these easy garden landscaping ideas to add immense value to your home.

Landscaping refers to an activity where you modify and change the features of an area of land. In this case it will be the area around your home.

Garden landscaping ideas will include things like:

  • fauna and flora; the art of using plants and trees to create a beautiful environment around your home,
  • natural elements; like shaping the terrain, using rock or creating water features,
  • the personal touch; where you build structures, decks and fences to create special places inside your front yard garden, and then last but not least,
  • atmosphere..... this is where your creative juices can really flow. You use all the above landscaping ideas mentioned and then you add things like lighting and the relaxing noise of flowing water to make each area really special.

A well-designed garden and landscape should always compliment your home. If you take care and plan and design your landscape well, it will transform your garden into a beautiful and functional outdoor living area that will give you great joy.

When you start, you must look at the bigger picture and take care to include all the aspects that you want to have in your landscape from the beginning; but remember, landscaping and gardening is a long term project.

It is something that will grow with you and because it is quite easy to change and adapt as you go forward, you do not have to worry too much about having a perfect landscape design plan before you start.

When you think about garden landscaping ideas, it is important to blend your lifestyle into the overall effect you want to create and to extend the beauty and comfort from within your home out into the garden and outside living areas. This will include things like:

This is where you must get the overall “feel” for what you want to create in your garden and your initial ideas are important, but do not worry to much about where you want to end. That will come with time. 

1. Plan the hard elements.....

When it comes to the hardscape design, this is the time to decide: 

  • where you want to have that rock garden,
  • how and if you are going to install irrigation and the overall design concept,
  • where the the backyard patio or the deck will go,
  • also where you would like to have those electricity points installed,
  • where your outdoor lights will have the best effect,

as it is best to plan for and dig the trenches for the cabling and water pipes before you start with the hardscape layout.

These are things that can not easily be added, or changed later on, when your landscape has taken shape and your garden is established.

Hardscape design includes functional and decorative outdoor features, like retaining wallssupport structures, water features, and ponds. This is also a great time to think of how you will address the water drainage of your garden.

Remember that smaller gardens have different requirements and a different approach to a big garden.

2. Plan the soft elements, the fauna and flora.....

Here you must have an overall view of what you eventually want to create with your garden layout:

  • think of shrubbery that can provide privacy;
  • plants that grow low or act as ground cover;
  • trees will grow high, and when they are big, it may impede on your views or affect overhead structures.

It will also include things like windbreaks. Plants that grow fast will be perfect for this. Obviously the shape and colour you want to have each season must be decided on at this stage.

Something else that we advocate very strongly when you do your landscape design is to only use indigenous plants that use little water.

South Africa has very little natural water with low rainfall figures. Huge areas are semi-desert and I feel very strong that everyone that plans a garden layout, as well as gardeners worldwide, should employ a green attitude when it comes to plants and landscape design. It will also make your irrigation needs much simpler.

3. Your personal touch.....

Outdoor lighting is not always essential when you design your garden landscape, but for us it creates a beautiful atmosphere for when you entertain and it also contributes to the overall safety and security of your home.

There are many outdoor landscape lighting techniques that you can use to enhance your home and that will make your garden landscape ideas stand out above everyone else's.

Lights can also be used to illuminate paths, driveways, steps and terraces and you should make use of light/dark sensors to automatically illuminate certain areas when the sun sets. Not only for security and safety reasons, but also to create a special atmosphere for when you get home in the dark.

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