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Kitchen Remodeling Designs..... In the modern home, it is important to create an enabling environment for social integration.

That is the reason why we seek new and exciting kitchen remodeling designs. Instead of the behind the scenes cooking of yesteryear, we all love to share our creativity and culinary skills with our family and friends while enjoying each others company.

Keeping that in mind, the modern kitchen has become a space that is not only functional in layout and design, but also beautiful. We as home owners want to add real value to our homes, so the kitchen of today must make a visual impression, while also showing the creativity and character of us, the owners.

Although the trend in kitchen remodeling design is towards open-plan living, many of us do not have the luxury of space or the budget to allow for that, so below you will find all sorts of kitchen designs that will suit any style, budget and mood.

Today's kitchens use clean and uncluttered lines - minimalistic, but with a warm touch. To add character to your new kitchen, use a combination of textures and various materials for overall appeal.

Be realistic when you plan your new kitchen remodeling design. Highly stylised kitchens can cost an arm and a leg.

Know beforehand that most of the budget will be eaten by cabinetry and specialised storage components to create a minimalist look. That is OK if that is what you want, but you may then have to scale down on other components. Work with what you can afford, and be happy to move on.

The number of items you own or want in your kitchen will largely determine your kitchen remodeling design. It is hard to pull off minimalism, if you want to plaster all the walls with your collection of antique menus.

You too can have the kitchen of your dreams. On these pages I will help you to formulate a plan..... step by step.

Once you have the proper knowledge, you will see how easy it is to design and remodel your own kitchen that will suit your needs.

Kitchen Remodeling Designs..... work with what's worked for others

Examine the following design styles, and focus on the layout and various design elements that appeal to you. If you are a purist, you will probably be drawn to one particular style, like Country, Modern or Tuscan.

What I like to do, is to pick and choose elements from different styles and themes, and add my own unique identity to the kitchen. In a practical sense it is in any case difficult to keep to only one style.

Combining different looks and materials will show your creativity and add real character to your home.

Without much further ado, please visit the pages below and see what appeals to your specific taste, and what will satisfy your requirements for your new kitchen design.

Modern Kitchen Design.....

I think the modern kitchen designs of today are characterised by our lifestyles more than by the way they look.

The kitchen is primarily a functional space, so it can take on a modern identity without compromising the overall feel of your home.

Even if the rest of your home is fairly traditional in style, it will not matter that much.

The wonderful thing about this kitchen remodeling design is the fact that we can combine any style with our needs for convenience, beautiful modern appliances and latest technology.....

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Country Kitchen Design.....

In our rushed and hectic lifestyles today, the down-to-earth style and lived-in looks of a country kitchen is just what the doctor ordered to come home too after a hectic day at the office.

The use of painted cabinetry and rustic metals like iron and copper set the tone of a country kitchen.

Exposed bricks, salvaged beams and recycled objects create a sense of connection with the past. Colours are soft and warm.

Collectables and antique breadbaskets add to the look.

Current trends include retro appliances like AGA stoves, distressed wood countertops, and large farmhouse sinks.

I just love the comfortable and inviting feel of a country kitchen.....

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Rustic Kitchen Design

Rustic Kitchen Design.....

I see a kitchen with beautiful wooden cabinets, floors to die for, earthy colours blended into each other and modern appliances added to the mix for everyday comforts.

I am an outdoors person, so I have always preferred rustic designs and the use of warm earthy colours and textures to create that special charming effect.

I want to walk into my kitchen and I want to almost smell and taste the bush veld odours after those first season rains.

Nothing compares to that..... but before I get too lyrical about the beautiful African landscapes and smells, lets focus rather on designing that perfect rustic kitchen you want so much....

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Tuscan Kitchen Design

Tuscan Kitchen Design.....

Tuscany is known for its romance, beautiful landscapes and fine architecture. This is what inspires the selection of materials used in any Tuscan kitchen.

By using the earth's natural colours of dark brown, sunny yellow, deep blue, terra cotta and tuscan red the atmosphere in your kitchen will be romantic and welcoming.

You must include as much and as many different warm colours and textures as possible. The most important things to remember when you design your new kitchen is beauty, warmth and simplicity.

By combining the rich colours and rustic style of the Tuscan hills, your kitchen will be warm and inviting to family and friends.

The whole idea is to create something that reminds you of the hills of Tuscany.....

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Galley Kitchen Design

Galley Kitchen Design.....

A galley kitchen makes the best use of the limited space and is laid out in an efficient, but typical style, with longitudinal units, separated by a central aisle, and overhead cabinets, often hanging from the ceiling.

With clever planning, the challenges of limited storage and space can easily be overcome for any galley kitchen.....

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